Sakura Yoake.

Sakura Yoake

  • Birthday: February 17th
  • Age: 14
  • BloodType: B
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • School: Oranjihirurusu high School
  • Arufua Academy
  • Power: Light

Sonya , Flyl & Sakura.

Sonya, Flyl

Fairy Form

Sakura first transforms in episode 1 when fighting 2 witches and 1 one wizard.


Sakura's hair is in bunches she wears a white gold shirt, skirt , gloves and mini boots her wings are gold with the same hair colour as Sakura's.


Spere of light- She aims a large ball of light through her hands and aims at her enemies.

Sunlight beam-She concerntrates all her power and a drangon shaped light beam attacks her enemies

  • Friendships:
  • Sonya- Sonya is Sakura's roomie and was the first person Sakura met at Alfea.
  • Flyl- Flyl was Sakura's lab partner and was very friendly to her.
  • Gloria- Gloria gave Sakura a outfit makeover and told Sakura she was royality.
  • Mary- Mary nearly hit Sakura with sphere of fire but luckily managed to save her.
  • Juliet- Juliet was being bullied and Sakura lent a hand.
  • Ultra- Ultra fixed Sakura's cell phone and helped her study for her flying exam.
  • Kimberly- Sakura found Kimberly up all alone in the mountains and helped the faires find the waters of life.
  • Luna- Luna defeats Raven during a blue crescent moon and saved the other faires.
  • Love Life:
  • Yuki Yukia- Yuki is the heartthrob of the school but was told to follow the family traditions and be a squire.